Windows within a home are beautiful and serve a variety of purposes such as letting in natural light and allowing the home’s inhabitants to have a view of the outside. They can be functional as well as majestic statements of architecture and design. However, unfortunately, they can also provide easier access into a home and can provide a weak point when it comes to natural disasters. With window barrier laminates, you can protect your home and family against these threats.

Window barrier laminates, also known as window security laminates, help protect your home from potential injury, break-ins and theft. They help make windows harder to penetrate and keep glass fragments together in the event of an impact whether from natural disasters or human forces.

Window security laminates can greatly deter an unwanted person from entering your home. Most home invasions can be categorized as “smash-and-grab” jobs. In most cases, it is very easy to smash a regular window and gain access into a home. However, with security laminates, it is much more difficult to shatter the window and make a quick and undetected entry. The added time and effort it would take is a huge deterrence and also gives you, the homeowner, time to respond. A person attempting to gain quick access into your home will most likely not hang around to try and figure out how to get through the barrier.

Other Benefits

With security laminates, you gain a host of other benefits in addition to increased physical protection. Window laminates, while not changing the aesthetics of the windows, can deflect heat away from the home while still allowing in natural light. This can significantly cut down on cooling costs during summer months. Window laminates can also protect those inside, as well as your furniture, from harmful UV rays. If you prefer to have tinted windows, tinted laminates are available in different shades. You can talk with a SecureVP professional about what type of window laminate would work best for your particular situation.

The Process

The window security laminates used by SecureVP are of the utmost quality and are coated with a rubber-based adhesive that spreads impact further and over a larger surface area. This helps preserve the intact state of the window as well as protect your valuables by providing a stronger physical barrier.

After being thoroughly cleaned, the window security laminate is placed over your existing windows. After a brief curing time, the laminate binds to the glass. In the event of an attempted breakage, the broken parts of a window are also bound together, so even if the window breaks, shards of glass will not fly around and pose a threat to those inside.

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