At SecureVP, we believe that no one product or solution can provide ample protection. That’s why we take a layered approach to securing your home or business. Making sure your main entry and exit points are secure is imperative.

Although locked doors provide a sense of security, the truth of the matter is doors are typically a point of weakness and are targeted by intruders. According to statistics, 34% of burglars simply go in through the front door.

There are three critical areas of weakness on a door: 1) the door frame or door jamb, 2) the actual door itself where the door hardware connects and 3) the side of the door with the hinges. With our door reinforcement products, we can fortify your points of entry and make them less vulnerable to kick-in burglary attacks.

Reinforcing your doors with an anti-kick device – such as the Door Devil™ products we carry– virtually eliminates the possibility of entry through exterior doors by keeping the intruders on the porch!

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