Combating Pesky Porch Pirates

With today’s digital age, online stores and shopping services have made it easy and economical to shop online and have a whole host of items shipped directly to your front porch. However, that ease and convenience may come at a price. And, unfortunately, it happens way too often: UPS or FedEx drops a package on your doorstep, but a thief scoops it up before you do, and in broad daylight! Meanwhile, you are wondering what’s taking so long for your package to arrive.

No matter the area you live in, package theft has become a prominent problem for homeowners in cities and suburban and rural areas. Here are some tips to try and combat porch pirates:

  • Get the tracking number for all of your purchases and keep on top of the estimated delivery time and date.
  • Provide details to delivery services to place packages in a specific location (i.e. behind the big planter or behind shrubbery).
  • Require a signature for drop-off, especially for large-ticket items.
  • Have packages delivered to a trusted location such as your business or a relative/friend, especially if you will be away from your house for an extended period of time.
  • Use technology! There are products such as package “lock boxes” to package plates that alarm if the package is removed without a code.
  • Install surveillance or doorbell cameras for deterrence or, better yet, to catch a porch pirate in the act.


In the event of a theft, trying to get a refund or reshipment of your items will most likely be fruitless, especially if there is a record of a successful delivery. Taking a proactive approach is your best option. Having a residential security camera system may mean the difference between having no evidence of the theft and being able to identify the thief. And if your porch pirate can be identified, they can be caught.

Fight back against porch pirates and make sure your online purchases make it home safely. To learn more about how you can protect your home, contact our security experts at SecureVP today.

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