SecureVP is a locally-owned and operated security company located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Our goal is to focus on having state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best value and solutions for all of your home security and smart home automation needs.


Skilled intruders can enter and leave your home or business before police arrive. With a layered approach to protection, you can fortify the most vulnerable points such as doors and windows. Our barrier protection and intrusion defense products do just that.


SecureVP offers a full suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. With today’s technology, you can have security coverage, with more functionality, for a fraction of the cost historically.


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Combating Pesky Porch Pirates

With today’s digital age, online stores and shopping services have made it easy and economical to shop online and have a whole host of items shipped directly to your front porch. However, that ease and convenience may come at a price. And, unfortunately, it happens way too often: UPS or FedEx drops a package on your

Window Security Laminates: Why Every Home Should Have Them

Windows within a home are beautiful and serve a variety of purposes such as letting in natural light and allowing the home’s inhabitants to have a view of the outside. They can be functional as well as majestic statements of architecture and design. However, unfortunately, they can also provide easier access into a home and

Four Cyber Security Areas of Concern for Smaller Businesses

The last few years has shown an increasing amount of cybercrime and malware. Industry leading experts predict this trend will show no stoppage in the future. Unfortunate as it is, cybercrime pays. Cybercriminals are broadening their horizons and new players are jumping in looking to grab a piece of the pie. The current threat landscape

Physical Security – As Relevant As Ever

In today’s cyber landscape, a week doesn’t go by without news of a brand new exploit or ransomware attack. With this changing and complex landscape, the need for Information Security is at an all-time high. And as a result, businesses are racing to protect themselves as best they can through any number of logical security

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